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man, you have some serious talent. finish this! also, what the hell is that song at the beginning with the play button, i loves her, thanks :3

devilmancool responds:

dat new new
viking remix

I liked it

It was good. I liked the randomness of it, but I probably would of prefered a proper story, or maybe a better ending. But I see what you were trying to do here, and you did it pretty well. The characters were nice and plain, and the song was really catchy too.

Good job.

Sk8erGirl14 responds:

...thank you...

...and thanks for the review...


Well, that was random. The graphics were not that bad. I liked the bunny. You should of had more things killed though. Like someone should of check on the guys head.
Well done though.

Frostbreath responds:

I originally planned having lots of bunnies getting impaled by random things, though i lack determination. Yeah.

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An interesting quiz.

It wasn't the best quiz of all Newgrounds, but it was still mildly entertaining. Some of the questions were pretty hard, while some were very easy. It was a bit plain though. Like, it was only the questions and answers. There should have been some animation or pictures or something to keep you entertained while taking it. Some people may get bored because of this. The sad thing was level 15 was not available. So there wasn't really amazing scripting upon us.

Nice try though.

Kronzo-Productions responds:

Thanks... I think.

Pretty fun.

I liked this game. It was pretty good and wastes alot of time.

The graphics were ok. The zombies were obviously you and your friends. They were pretty. They had a mixture of dancing with a hint of zombieness. The 3D graphic walls were good too on the loop around the sides. Actually looked like you were moving through a corridor, but the hand with gun in it wasn't all that. Look pretty spasticated. It was pretty funny too at how everytime you would kill one of them, it would explode XD. One thing that annoyed me though was the explosion did actually last for too long. I had to wait for the explosion to disappear to find out where my next victim was. This got hard later on in the game.

For the style, I haven't really played a game like this before. So pretty original, yeah. But there should of been a somewhat story of who you are and why there are dancing zombies trying to attack you.
The sound was nice. I liked the song. Very catchy, And the gunshots and everything...All in place.

Violence. Course it has violence. Not any blood or gore, so I guess some of the younger viewers of the site can enjoy this. An explosion is much less sickening and much more funnier.

Interactivity was quite good. Everytime I clicked, the gun shot and everywhere I moved the mouse, the gun moved. It got quite annoying though seeing as everytime you shot, you had to wait a little bit before firing your next shot. That complicated things when there were lots of zombies coming.

Not much humour for me inparticular, but I guess other people may find this kind of game funny.

Overall, a nice little time waster. A bit repetitive after a while, but it's fun while it lasts.
Good job.

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Very hard..

..And thats just what kept me going. Good job!

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My favourite MM song. Love the remake, the drums give it a marching band feel. Keep it up!

LOVE THIS! The different vibes I get from this. Sounds so reggae, keep it up. MAKE MOAR.


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